I SPY: The Matrix

May 24, 2016

Are you team Apple or team Samsung?  Team Apple since day 1, even though I have a love hate relationship with my iPhone!  I do know a few traitors who have switched to Samsung lately and love it though.  They're just being rebels!  Or so I thought…but after visiting the new flagship Samsung 837 building I got to admit they've got a pretty cool thing going for them.  This is not a retail store.  Nothing is sold here.  This is just a huge 55,000 sq foot space in the Meat Packing district to experience, live and play with technology.  The kids and I had a blast in this futuristic playground, and I'm not even a gadget kinda gal!

1st let us take a selfie!  HA.  It's so cool because your image is projected on the Jumbotron made up of a million tiny pics on the screen that is the center stage for the whole space.  It is GIANT.  Three stories high.  They use this screen to project live screenings of sporting events and concerts.  We caught the tail end of a tennis match.

Now this was even cooler.  Known as the Black Egg.  My favorite thing!  It really felt like the matrix in there.  It's a tunnel of mirrors, that pulls photos from your Instagram feed and displays them on big and small screens, along with random hashtags.  It was rather trippy to see all your photos flash back in front of you.  As my tween says 'It was sick'!

Then they have 2 stations that immerse you in 360 degrees of virtual reality, using Samsung's Gear VR head set.  This station transports you to a different place visually, but your stationary.  I need this in winter time to feel like I'm at the beach even though I'm really sitting through a snow storm!

The other station uses the same virtual reality gear, but the seats move, making it 4D.  Get ready for a roller coaster ride.  Don't puke!  HA.

That is just the 1st floor.  The 2nd floor is set up as a living room and kitchen, with home devices, couches to chill on and a cafe.  Great place to zone out.  All VERY cool.

Have you been already?  We are a little late to the game since they opened up two months ago.  We did try to get in on the hype back in March, but they didn't allow Eddy our dog inside, since they serve food upstairs in the cafe.  Ugh.  But we finally made it back, with Eddy in tow again…but this time he was hiding in a bag.  SNEAKY i know!  Just letting you know in advance in case your pooch is tagging along with you.  Anyways, it's probably better that we waited it out because now the crowds and long lines are gone.  If you haven't been yet you need to add it to your NYC to do list!  Sit back, relax and enter the future.

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