I SPY: Lost In Space

May 9, 2016

How was your Mothers Day weekend?  Our weather wasn't very cooperative, soccer got cancelled, kids found play dates, and Mama was free for a few hours to hit the Frieze Art Fair and get lost in space.  Rarely does things go off schedule in my favor!  I was secretly jumping for joy.  HA.  Don't get me wrong...I love my boys dearly, but I also LOVE some peace and adult time to not have a kid hanging off my leg!  So I was happy to hit Randall's Island alone to see all of this color.

Spotlight Gallery - By far the most congested 'selfie' room…I couldn't find the artist!

Leonhard Hurlzmeier - Smokey Mouse & Black Beach Beauty / 2016 - Oil on canvas

Heather Phillipson - 100% Other Fibres - Sculpture incorporating video, and audio

Spotlight Gallery - Again sorry couldn't find artist label amongst the selfie Queens & Kings!

Liu Shiyuan - Leo Xu Projects - Meme galore!

Anthea Hamilton - Karasutra - Live mime artist performing in a utopian vehicle

Eduardo Navarro - Instruction from the sky - Wood & Metal

Pilar Corrias Gallery, London

Tomas Saraceno - Foam 82B / 2016 - Metal wire, steel thread, plexiglass iridescent

Adriana Varejao - Big Polvo Color Wheel/ 2015 - Oil on canvas

Canada Gallery - Moroccan carpets

Monica Bonvicini - So Male So Male/ 2016 - Neon

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys - The Small Dirty Puppets from Pruppa/ 2015 - Jute, fabric, straw, iron thread and wood

Faig Ahmed - Osho / 2015 - Handmade woolen carpet

Daniel Arsham - Blue Calcite Eroded American Flag/ 2016 - Glacial rock dust, aquaresin, blue pigment

Andy Warhol - Dolly Parton/ 1985 - Silkscreen inks and polymer paint on canvas

Beatriz Milhazes - Mariola 2015 - Aluminum, brass, copper, acrylic, paper flowers, screen print

Yayoi Kusama - The Moment of Regeneration/ 2004 - 55 parts of sewn fabric, urethane, wood, paint
Jose Davila - Homage to the Square/ 2016 - Stainless steel, epoxy paint and wire

Darren Almond - Assign to Memory/ 2015 - Acrylic paint with semi gloss gel on linen

Sarah Morris - Household gloss paint on wall

General Idea - Control Group / 1990 - Chenille on felt on serigraph wallpaper

Monica Bonvicini - Prozac / 2009 - Nickel plated steel chain

Doug Aitken - Mountain / 2016 - Hand carved foam, acrylic
Some really cool stuff right?  As always this art fair never fails to impress.  In case you heard there was a live Donkey on exhibit too, with a long line to wait to see him!  CRAZY.  But this is New York and farm animals are a rare sighting for these city folks.  However, I've been to plenty of farms before.  What's the point of standing in line to see an Ass?  HA.  My time was precious and there were far too many other goodies to see…REAL art!  Glad I got to go.

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