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May 16, 2016

Did you hear that Scoop is going out of business?  When I moved to NYC twenty plus years ago, Scoop was THE store.  They sold a good mix of up and coming designers on trend, price point was reasonable, and you could always find something in there to walk out with, in their signature reusable bags that came in a rainbow of colors.  I have so many of these lying around my house and conveniently re-use them for my kids swim stuff, beach bag, and Eddy!

Over the years Scoop expanded nationwide, they started a private label line, and they're merchandising became more up market with a hefty price tag.  It became not affordable for me, and eventually no longer was my favorite place to shop.  I can't remember the last time I bought something from them.  It's been years for sure!  Well, I guess I wasn't the only soul feeling like they'd gone down the drain.

But still sad to see a business close shop.  It was kind of a NYC landmark.  *sigh*  Well you have a chance now to get last dibs, as sales have begun, and their prices have been slashed.  Unfortunately they closed down their e-commerce so no orders can be made through their website.  Their inventory can only be purchased in stores.  If your in NYC pop into one of their stores to get the scoop.  Some great deals, and loads of mens stuff.  I'm happy to brag that I snagged a few goodies!

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