I SPY: Espana

May 17, 2016

What's on your radar this summer?  Every year my kids and I take turns in selecting our big summer 2 week trip.  This year is my lil' ones turn and he has picked SPAIN.  Why?  For lack of better reason, he is obsessed with Neymar Jr., the soccer player from FC Barcelona.  Still…good choice son!

Ever been?  After spending a good amount of time in Barnes & Nobles over the weekend I decided the capitol Madrid doesn't interest me that much.  Am I wrong?  Barcelona looks fun and hip, and the Andalucia area is really what I think will blow my mind.   I'll have to research it a little more, but if you have any tips on Espana please pass them along.

For starts this is what we walked out of the bookstore with.  My homework has begun.  My boys bedtime story slash homework is to learn Spanish, hence the mini dictionary!  I'm terrible at languages so will rely on them to be my translators - *wink* - But at least I know how to read a menu in all languages!  True survival skills.  HA.

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