I SPY: Yeezy Garb

Apr 14, 2016

Are you ready for this?  I call it my Yeezy garb.  The only Yeezy thing I got going!  If your not familiar with the brand Yeezy it is the sneaker and clothing collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West.  I'm not a fan because a) I don't call that fashion b) I think it looks like homeless people trash c) Kanye West is not my man.  I have better taste then that!  HA.  But I do like the labels neutral camo color palette.

Is it too avant grade that I painted every nail a different color?  I was being adventurous yesterday and thought I would break the norm.  Turns out I love it and think it looks really pretty!  It's going to be my new Spring 2016 manicure.

If your digging it these are the Essie nail polish colors I used: Fall In Line, Power Clutch, Petal Pushers,  Love & Acceptance, Overnight.  Depending on your skin tone these colors might not suit you.  But you can pick five colors in any hue that will blend nicely.

Now somebody go tell Kim Kardashian to get this mani for her hubby's next fashion show!

P.S. I want credit!!

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