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Apr 27, 2016

FOMO?  Fear - Of - Missing - Out.  I have my moments!  Last Saturday Uniqlo released their KAWS collaboration down in Soho.  I saw the line that wrapped around the block and got turned off!  I went back on Monday to try and score my kids a T-shirt and found out that they sold out in a couple of hours on opening day.  BUMMER.  Oh well, there's such thing as eBay I guess!

But my kids can live with out.  There's no need to pay premium for these young-ins who are just going to out grow their clothes in a few months…because anyways Mama found them cooler prints, that she can wear too!  YAY.  I love that my tween and I are the same size now and I can wear his T's.  It's become so cost effective!  HA.

Here is our stash!  The classics…Andy Warhol and Keith Haring pop art designs from Uniqlo.

FOMO?  *wink*  There's so many nifty designs to select from for men's, women's and kids.  Believe me I would've snagged more if they had our sizes!  The line at Uniqlo is called SPRZ NY.  It is available on their website.  Sizes are selling out, so get to a store or start couch surfing now if you don't want to miss out! They're such iconic, colorful prints that are perfect for the summer, so why not stock up for the whole family and wear art?

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