I SPY: Under Pressure

Apr 12, 2016

Have you noticed the influx of vegan restaurants lately?  Especially in NYC there are so many good eats now serving only clean and green.  The latest and greatest talk around town is by Chloe.  After my Saturday night splurge on Shake Shack I woke up the next day feeling guilty, with an urge to sweat it off and go green for brunch.  Who is this girl?!?  HA.

Don't I look all pep'd up walking out of by Chloe with my coconut?  I do love my coconut water.  Not a virgin to it though.  Grew up on that coco power in Asia.  Although it's the trend now in The Americas, we've been sipping that goodness way back when.  One up for Asia!  They were way ahead of this game.

However, I can't say I've ever had in Asia this kind of innovative vegan food served at by Chloe.  This Guac Burger was my 1st veggie burger…EVER.  It's patty is filled with black bean, quinoa, and sweet potato, and topped with onion, corn salsa, guac, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli on a whole grain bun.   The texture was meaty, and it was full of taste that masked all the veggies you were eating, and if nobody told me it was vegan I may have never caught on.  It was good.  I actually finished it!  Proud accomplishment for someone who never thought she would dig a veggie burger.

The air baked french fries were also yum and crisp.  Who doesn't like a fry?  Especially when dipped in their chipotle aioli which was like a curry mayo, and their beet ketchup which was tart like regular ketchup…low and behold, the fries became addictive!  

Their desserts were just as good.  I couldn't tell they were vegan!  After all, chef Chloe Coscarelli earned her attention from her Cupcake Wars win, a reality TV competition on the Food Network channel.  So she definitely has ace'd the desserts, and soon will be opening a 'Sweets by Chloe' joint next door to the restaurant.

They also sell ready packaged salads and other grab to go goodies to bring home or picnic with.

Plus these vegan dog bones which my Eddy devoured!

You must try by Chloe if you haven't already.  Don't snob it till you've tried because I think you will be pleasantly surprised!  You can take out or you can eat there if you can find seating.  It's a great space set in Greenwich Village.  Decor is inviting and the crowd is hip.  New locations soon to open in NYC, Boston and LA.  Get ready newbies!

All this hype has got me considering it's cool to be green?  Under pressure to clean up my act!  How about you?  I love my meat too much to go extreme though.  I got to eat bar-b-que sometimes!  But to cut back a few meals a week and go vegan on occasion wouldn't hurt me.  Not with this kind of yummy goodness around town.  There really is not an excuse anymore to not be able to go green though.  I'm feeling it!

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