I SPY: Prince Mode

Apr 25, 2016

Ok, so by now you must know that Prince passed away last Thursday, April 21, 2016?  If you don't then I can't talk to you!  HA.  Seriously a big deal people.  A legend I grew up with, that's gone too soon, but he felt so alive in NYC the past few days.

The night he passed the Empire State building was lit purple.  That's major!  On Saturday I witnessed the unveiling of his wall down in Nolita, that replaced David Bowie's.  This city is quick!

Caught him again looking at me walking into the Prince Street subway station, down in Soho.  A little creepy!  HA.

Spike Lee threw an impromptu block party in Brooklyn.  Clubs had DJ's spinning his tunes all weekend.

Movie theaters are showing Purple Rain on the big screen again for a limited time.  The audience was cheering, clapping, shouting we love you Prince…and somebody even brought a tambourine to jam with!  HA.  It was wild and felt like I was at a live concert.  AMC 25 will be showing it through out the week and you should take advantage of it if your in NYC and are a Prince fan.  It's as close as you will ever get to the real deal again.

It was an eventful weekend being on Prince mode.  My friends and I went all in!  It was so fun to binge and sing his tunes on our Karaoke marathon, dance away at Haus, and experience a mini concert at the movies.  NOSTALGIC.  I'm glad NYC got in full form to pay tribute.  If you missed it, the party still continues this week.  Here's a list of all the different places honoring the Prince theme.

Cheers to the original who was... too cool for the weird kids; too weird for the cool kids.  He was definitely an entity on his own, and not afraid to be so.  He was PRINCE.  The one and only.  Rest up in in purple paradise you genius!  We love you.

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