I SPY: One For All

Apr 4, 2016

It's Spring?  Technically yes, but not really.  April Fools Day was summer weather, then yesterday we had super high winds, a little snow flurries and our winter gear back on.  Ahh, NY is not winning with the temps this week either.  But minus the wind, we were winning yesterday out in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Ever been to Smorgasburg food fest?  It's one of NYC's best outdoor pop ups that's been coming back every spring for the last five years.  It was the grand opening kick off over the weekend.  Saturday's in Williamsburg, and Sunday's in Prospect Park.  Rain or Shine they're on every weekend in Brooklyn at the same locations starting now till November.  They showcase over 100 food vendors.  Great variety; one for all.  Impossible for anyone to walk away without liking at least one thing!

Started with the MUST - famous, tried and tested, never fails to please Ramen Burger created by Keizo Shimamoto.

Next Momo's Jalapeño Beef Roll.  Think Bulgogi Korean beef with a kick.  Then the Smorgasburg Roll a.k.a the everything roll - spicy salmon, chicken teriyaki, jalapeño beef, and tofu steak.  A delicious meal on it's own!  FYI, Momo is known for her dressing sauces that are sold at Wholefoods.

Passing by Bisska's stall I couldn't resist the smell floating off the grill from this pork belly with pomegranate glaze skewer.  Smells just as good as it tastes.  Needed that extra layer of fat to protect me from the freezing temps!

Anything tacos catches my attention!  Had to give the spicy tuna taco from Takumi Taco a go.  Raw fish inside a crisp taco shell.  Light with a crunch.  Similar to ceviche served with tortilla chips if you've ever had that before.  Just with a Japanese spicy mayo twist.

Lastly I had to save room for this new vendor that has been blowing up Instagram's feed.  The Raindrop Cake created by Japanese chef Darren Wong.  This breast implant looking thing!  HA.  It's made from a agar water based gelatin, and served with a soy flower powder, and a sweet black sugar syrup.  Hate to be a debbie downer, but honestly not sure what the hype is all about.  It looks interesting.  But there's not much taste.  Plus that jello jiggly texture is not my thing.  Glad I tried, but I can skip that line next time.

Notice the trend?  Somehow all my picks were on a Japanese theme yesterday.  That happened subconsciously!  Got to go back and try other cuisines next time, and all the other new vendors added to this years line up.  First up on my list is The Choripan, an Argentinian inspired sausage hot dog with chimichurri sauce.  Sounds delish, right?  Make Smorgasburg a must do on your summer list if your a foodie lover.  It's worth the trek, lines and unpredictable weather!  PROMISE.

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