I SPY: Nama - SLAY

Apr 8, 2016

Time to get in shape for bikini weather?  ALWAYS.  Last year I was blessed to be in Arizona on a retreat which helped me jump start my wellness and fitness program early in the year.

This year…well, I can't really say I've been as good at getting the ball rolling.  But I know I got to start on a routine again because have you seen how much I've been stuffing my face lately?  HA.  What motivates you to get your butt out the door?  If your super disciplined I praise you, envy you and maybe have to dis - friend you!  Joke.  But honestly it is a constant struggle for me.  I don't love working out.  I can find a million other things in my busy schedule to do rather then hit the gym or a class.  That sweaty feeling is not cute either.  But you know what is cute?  My gym clothes!  I figure, if I'm going to be staring at myself for an hour in the mirror then I better look cute.  My Forever 21 gear has been getting lots of compliments lately.  Mama has been looking Nama - SLAY!

Stylo right?  In the last few months I've been exclusively shopping at Forever 21 for my active wear.  The style details, zippers, trimming, elastic, perforation, slits and cut outs make it fashion forward.  It fits well too, quality & stretch is actually pretty good, and oh my gosh it is so-o-o super affordable.  You should check it out.  Showing up and looking good at the gym is half the battle!  Good luck getting your summer bod on.  Lets hit it!


  1. Omg did you say stylo?!! First ever little trace that you have some roots in Singapore lol. Very stylo if I can say :)

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