I SPY: My Weave

Apr 20, 2016

What's trending?  My tween is at that age where he is sneaker obsessed.  His first dips in the fashion world is all about his feet, and the boys got expensive taste!  God help me!  HA.  I'm not talking footwear from Foot Locker, like regular kids. We're talking about shopping at boutique style sneaker lounges with exclusive kick designs, big price tags and ya-da-ya-da-ya-da!

So you see my little one is also in on this game?  Got to be just as cool as his big bro with their matching Lebron James XIII high tops.  But these boys can't have cooler footwear then their Mama, so it's inevitable that I also got a pair!  GUILTY.

Now you understand how we racked up a nice bill?  HA.  We dropped it like it was hot.  It was!  I don't know about the kids kicks and all that Lebron James hype, but my Nike's are TOP.  At least I think so!  The basket weave is trending this Spring/ Summer.  You see it popping up everywhere in the accessories world in bags, belts, shoes.  So you already know… I had to get my weave!

I like the side angle too, don't you?  They're known as the Nike Juvenate Woven Premium.  Available in three color ways.  My pick is obviously the coolest!  HA.  The all black are pretty cool too, but I only wear white sneakers. That's just personal preference and in this weave the three tone enhances the design more then the solid.  Perfect for summer, because they're inspired by the Roshe design and are light and airy.  No socks required.  Will you be getting a weave this Spring too?  Time to update your wardrobe!


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