I SPY: Happy Holi

Apr 21, 2016

Ever celebrated Holi?  I had my first introduction in India last month.  An authentic experience and it was wild!  Everyone from young to old and poor to rich were out on the streets all over India on March 24, 2016, partying and turning the streets into rainbows.  Happy times!

Whats the hype?  Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India to bring in the arrival of Spring.  Color powder is thrown and wiped on each other.  It embraces color, unity and love.  It makes an awesome messy party!  FUN.

While there I saw these two kids and so badly wished my boys could experience Holi, because it is so up their alley.  Well for the New Yorkers who can't jet across the world to get to India and for my boys I've got exciting news…Holi is coming to us!  Oh yes it is!  Bonus: 2 saturdays in a row.  Mark your calendars!  This weekend Festival of Colors on April 23 the party is happening in Brooklyn, for 18 years and over.  On April 30, Holi Hai is going to be turn't up in the city.  Kids allowed.  I'll be there with my party animals for sure!  Get your tickets now before they sell out, wear white, bring your water guns to load up, and come out and play.  Winter is officially over kids, so no more snowball fights.  But we're in for something wayyyyy better!  Time for color battles.  Spread the love.  Happy Holi everyone!

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