I SPY: Fringe Benefits

Apr 18, 2016

Who was at Coachella this weekend?  Not me!  It was hard to escape all the cool kids partying in the desert at the annual big music festival.  Instagram was flooded with everyones snaps.  I've always wanted to go, but I think Instagram has now ruined it for me.  Coachella has become way over hyped and too much of a scene in the past few years.  Too many celebrities and wannabes attending has spoilt the broth.  Well thats my take on it, and I'm slightly turned off.  Or am I just feeling too old and no longer fitting in this groove?  Possible.  Age is catching up with me!  HA.

Photo Credit: Jeff Thibodeau

However, even though the fashion is over the top, I do enjoy watching from a distance.  It brings out my inner hippie, because it is all about the fringe.  You know I love it.  To cash in on my fringe benefits I got these new pair of jeans over the weekend.

Feeling those festival vibes?  They're fun!  Especially cool when worn with heels or boots.  If you don't believe me, ask around…they are this seasons in thing.  TRUST.

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