I SPY: Crack Is Wack

Apr 29, 2016

When you look back at your life do you recall some things you did that were thought as weird, but now thinking about it they were genius?  In my teens I once walked out of a hotel in Jakarta and wore a bathrobe to the mall, because I was freezing.  The next season Chanel had an entire line of terry cloth robe inspired designs.  That could of been the start of my fashion career with a couture house Mom!  Another good one is I use to have a dog named Princess, and that she was.  She didn't want to walk in the Singapore heat so I bought her a baby stroller to push her around, even though I was laughed at profusely.  Well damn…now pet strollers are seen all over NYC!  More recently I had a very (actually EXTREMELY) cracked iPhone for six months that I refused to replace, despite my friends and family thinking I was nuts.  The imperfections didn't bother me.  I thought my cracked iPhone looked cool and told a story full of emotions, and just like broken crayons still color, my broken iPhone still worked!  Yesterday I finally found someone who can relate to me….Michael Brown.

Michael Brown is a New York artist that is currently showcasing his exhibition IN THE MEANTIME... at Mike Weiss Gallery.  He has eight full size mirrors 84 x 48 inches hanging on the walls of the gallery.  It looks like mirror, but it is actually polished stainless steel that has been hand cut and assembled to resemble a broken mirror.

This crack is wack, but genius!  Exhibition is on till May 7, 2016.  If you can see his works in person to see the tiny shards, and catch how lighting and reflections change from every angle you too will also be intrigued by these mystical pieces.  This man changes the perception of something broken.  I wasn't as convincing with my cracked iPhone looking like art.  But I was definitely on to something!!!  HA.

Mike Weiss Gallery
520 W. 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
T: 212. 691. 6899

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