I SPY: Camelflage

Apr 6, 2016

Happy Hump Day!  Do you love Camels?  I do!  I miss my friend Albert in Morocco.  He wasn't amused by me though!

They are cute animals, but we definitely don't want to look like one do we?  Especially not having camel toe!  Let's have a girl talk.  Boys get out of here!  Sorry this one is not for you boys eyes and ears.  PRIVATE stuff!

So ladies...There is a genius new creation by Camelflage.  Workout panties and thongs with a little extra padding in the front to smooth out the lady parts!  You know what I mean? *wink*

Have you caught yourself at the gym before with camel toe?  Unfortunately I have, too many times!  I often catch myself saying EWWWW when I'm doing sit ups or Pilates exercises that triggers my leggings to rise up.  Hate it, because it throws me off till I have to pause for a second to pull my tights down a bit before I can continue.  Well no more of that nuisance.  Say goodbye to camel toe!  This is the solution ladies.  Tried and tested.  Don't leave for the gym without them!

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