I SPY: The Bronze Medal

Apr 7, 2016

Dreaming to be sun kissed?  I think all of us in NY are looking forward to warmer temps, hitting the beach, and showing some leg.

Well, doesn't that look nice?  Yes, take me back to Brazil!  Don't need to go that far.  Just a permanent tan right now would be nice.  But till summer hits I got these two products from Guerlain as my bronzing starter pack.  Perfect to use for this transition period, on those occasional Spring days when the weather cooperates and I want to wear a skirt, without looking pale.

The Bronzing Powder Mist I can use for the whole body, including the face and neck.  The Terracotta Jambes De Gazelle is for the body to prolong and enhance the mini tan I got in India.  Both products spray on and rub in evenly not streaky.    What I did on my hands is rub in the Jambes De Gazelle first, and then did a light spritz of the Bronzing Powder Mist.

Which hand is darker?  My LEFT.  It's a very subtle difference and hard to capture on camera.  But my kids guessed correctly on their 1st try when they saw my hands in person.  So it is noticeable.  But so natural that nobody will think it's fake.  That's the best part - nobody would ever know your lil' beauty secret, unless you wish to tell!  If I can do this you can too.  It's hard to screw up, unless you spray on the whole bottle!  DON'T.  If you are tempted to go darker then I suggest you apply the mist in layers, with time in between each coating to dry, to gradually build up on the saturation.  It's not meant to give you an instant tan.  Just a soft glow, with a little sheen.  

I love these products!  They are luxe, easy to apply, go on smoothly, dry fast, smell good, and won't stain your whites.  It's cold out, but I got my glow working for me!  Don't hate!  Head over to Guerlain and get fixed up.  They've got the bronze medal!

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