I SPY: Crack Is Wack

Apr 29, 2016

When you look back at your life do you recall some things you did that were thought as weird, but now thinking about it they were genius?  In my teens I once walked out of a hotel in Jakarta and wore a bathrobe to the mall, because I was freezing.  The next season Chanel had an entire line of terry cloth robe inspired designs.  That could of been the start of my fashion career with a couture house Mom!  Another good one is I use to have a dog named Princess, and that she was.  She didn't want to walk in the Singapore heat so I bought her a baby stroller to push her around, even though I was laughed at profusely.  Well damn…now pet strollers are seen all over NYC!  More recently I had a very (actually EXTREMELY) cracked iPhone for six months that I refused to replace, despite my friends and family thinking I was nuts.  The imperfections didn't bother me.  I thought my cracked iPhone looked cool and told a story full of emotions, and just like broken crayons still color, my broken iPhone still worked!  Yesterday I finally found someone who can relate to me….Michael Brown.

Michael Brown is a New York artist that is currently showcasing his exhibition IN THE MEANTIME... at Mike Weiss Gallery.  He has eight full size mirrors 84 x 48 inches hanging on the walls of the gallery.  It looks like mirror, but it is actually polished stainless steel that has been hand cut and assembled to resemble a broken mirror.

This crack is wack, but genius!  Exhibition is on till May 7, 2016.  If you can see his works in person to see the tiny shards, and catch how lighting and reflections change from every angle you too will also be intrigued by these mystical pieces.  This man changes the perception of something broken.  I wasn't as convincing with my cracked iPhone looking like art.  But I was definitely on to something!!!  HA.

Mike Weiss Gallery
520 W. 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
T: 212. 691. 6899

I SPY: Cherries on Top

Apr 28, 2016

Are you dying from allergies?  Mine are at their peak right now, and I try not to hang outside too long, otherwise I end up looking like a blowfish!  HA.  But the weather is gorgeous and spring fever is in full bloom, so how can you not resist taking your lunch break outdoors?

But of course, under a Cherry Blossom tree!  I love these trees.  Don't you?  They are flourishing right now in Central Park, and you can spot them miles away.  This is a random solo I found near the street at the 72nd street entrance on Fifth Avenue.

As you venture further into Central Park you will find more Cherry Blossom trees in abundance.  My favorite spots in past years to enjoy the pink grandeur in clusters is at:

- Cherry Hill along 72nd street, west of Bethesda Terrace.
- Bridal path at 90th street, along the west side of the reservoir.
- Sakura Park at 122nd street, between Riverside Drive and Claremont Avenue.

Pump up on the allergy meds and get out there this weekend to enjoy the cherries on top before they all drop.  If a picnic at Central Park sounds too chill for you, then Brooklyn Botanic Garden is celebrating their annual Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend from Saturday, April 30, 2016 to Sunday, May 1, 2016.  There will be Japanese cultural activities, music, art, and kids activities.      I've never been to the festival, but if you do go tell me how it is!  Enjoy, and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers…ACHOO *sniff* !!!

I SPY: Wear Art

Apr 27, 2016

FOMO?  Fear - Of - Missing - Out.  I have my moments!  Last Saturday Uniqlo released their KAWS collaboration down in Soho.  I saw the line that wrapped around the block and got turned off!  I went back on Monday to try and score my kids a T-shirt and found out that they sold out in a couple of hours on opening day.  BUMMER.  Oh well, there's such thing as eBay I guess!

But my kids can live with out.  There's no need to pay premium for these young-ins who are just going to out grow their clothes in a few months…because anyways Mama found them cooler prints, that she can wear too!  YAY.  I love that my tween and I are the same size now and I can wear his T's.  It's become so cost effective!  HA.

Here is our stash!  The classics…Andy Warhol and Keith Haring pop art designs from Uniqlo.

FOMO?  *wink*  There's so many nifty designs to select from for men's, women's and kids.  Believe me I would've snagged more if they had our sizes!  The line at Uniqlo is called SPRZ NY.  It is available on their website.  Sizes are selling out, so get to a store or start couch surfing now if you don't want to miss out! They're such iconic, colorful prints that are perfect for the summer, so why not stock up for the whole family and wear art?

I SPY: I Scream For Ice Cream

Apr 26, 2016

When it's hot out, do you scream for ice cream?  New Yorkers we are in luck now through September 2016! The new Magnum dipping bar down in Soho opened over the weekend.  YAY.  It's a temporary pop up, so only here to get you through the dog days of summer.

How it works?  You pick a ice cream flavor base, chocolate or vanilla.  I got vanilla.  Then you choose if you want your bar coated in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate.  I got dark chocolate.  You choose toppings, from an endless selection, which by the way will change monthly.  My picks were gold flakes, rose petals and sea salt.  Then you can select what type of chocolate you want your bar drizzled in.  Mine was white chocolate.  DONE.  Hey presto your very own creation is ready to be snapped, shared and loved!

The only wish I have is that they were able to drizzle my ice cream bar in caramel.  That would've really hit the spot with my dark chocolate and sea salt.  Maybe that will be an addition in the future?  Either way it was still a treat to custom make my own ice cream bar and watch them turn it into a piece of art.  Then you get to hang out in this artsy space to savor your creation.  Too cool for JUST a pop up, don't you think?

NYC is the first in the USA to open a Magnum pop up.  We are the testing market, because we are the greatest!  HA.  Or are we the dumbest to spend close to $8 on an ice cream bar?  What can I say…we love our food and art!  Hopefully the idea will be a hit and then Magnum will venture out into other parts of the USA.  I'm sure it will!  Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid will also have similar Magnum pop ups this season too if you happen to be in that part of the world.  Try it, and you won't regret the experience.  Get creative, snap a pic, hashtag it, and enjoy your licks!

Magnum New York
134 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
T: 646. 395.6463

I SPY: Prince Mode

Apr 25, 2016

Ok, so by now you must know that Prince passed away last Thursday, April 21, 2016?  If you don't then I can't talk to you!  HA.  Seriously a big deal people.  A legend I grew up with, that's gone too soon, but he felt so alive in NYC the past few days.

The night he passed the Empire State building was lit purple.  That's major!  On Saturday I witnessed the unveiling of his wall down in Nolita, that replaced David Bowie's.  This city is quick!

Caught him again looking at me walking into the Prince Street subway station, down in Soho.  A little creepy!  HA.

Spike Lee threw an impromptu block party in Brooklyn.  Clubs had DJ's spinning his tunes all weekend.

Movie theaters are showing Purple Rain on the big screen again for a limited time.  The audience was cheering, clapping, shouting we love you Prince…and somebody even brought a tambourine to jam with!  HA.  It was wild and felt like I was at a live concert.  AMC 25 will be showing it through out the week and you should take advantage of it if your in NYC and are a Prince fan.  It's as close as you will ever get to the real deal again.

It was an eventful weekend being on Prince mode.  My friends and I went all in!  It was so fun to binge and sing his tunes on our Karaoke marathon, dance away at Haus, and experience a mini concert at the movies.  NOSTALGIC.  I'm glad NYC got in full form to pay tribute.  If you missed it, the party still continues this week.  Here's a list of all the different places honoring the Prince theme.

Cheers to the original who was... too cool for the weird kids; too weird for the cool kids.  He was definitely an entity on his own, and not afraid to be so.  He was PRINCE.  The one and only.  Rest up in in purple paradise you genius!  We love you.

I SPY: Picnic Food

Apr 22, 2016

Spring has sprung, have you begun picnics in the park?  If your too lazy and pressed for time to organize your own picnics these guys can cater and meet you at Central Park.  I've used them before.  It's an awesome service and extremely convenient.

However last weekend we were down in the East Village.  No where close to Central Park and my kids wanted to shoot some hoops at Tompkins Square Park.  So we picked up these delicious rice burgers from Yonekichi.

Want a bite?  It is the Sukiyaki Beef Burger that was YUM.  We also tried the Salmon Burger.  It was good too, but unanimously we claim the Sukiyaki Burger the winner!

To complete the meal you've got to order their Furi Furi potato wedges too.  So good we ate those  while walking to the park and forgot to snap a pic!  OOPS.  But we got a pic of the menu!

It's a grab and go hole in the wall type of place.  Literally, not aesthetically!  Street side service.  A small bench outside reserved for their customers which everybody try's to squeeze on.  Don't bother…walk down a few more blocks to the park and you've got grass and plenty of seating space.

Beats any deli junk we would've picked up otherwise!  Just another option for picnic food to enjoy with this gorgeous weather.  Have a great weekend!

I SPY: Happy Holi

Apr 21, 2016

Ever celebrated Holi?  I had my first introduction in India last month.  An authentic experience and it was wild!  Everyone from young to old and poor to rich were out on the streets all over India on March 24, 2016, partying and turning the streets into rainbows.  Happy times!

Whats the hype?  Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India to bring in the arrival of Spring.  Color powder is thrown and wiped on each other.  It embraces color, unity and love.  It makes an awesome messy party!  FUN.

While there I saw these two kids and so badly wished my boys could experience Holi, because it is so up their alley.  Well for the New Yorkers who can't jet across the world to get to India and for my boys I've got exciting news…Holi is coming to us!  Oh yes it is!  Bonus: 2 saturdays in a row.  Mark your calendars!  This weekend Festival of Colors on April 23 the party is happening in Brooklyn, for 18 years and over.  On April 30, Holi Hai is going to be turn't up in the city.  Kids allowed.  I'll be there with my party animals for sure!  Get your tickets now before they sell out, wear white, bring your water guns to load up, and come out and play.  Winter is officially over kids, so no more snowball fights.  But we're in for something wayyyyy better!  Time for color battles.  Spread the love.  Happy Holi everyone!

I SPY: My Weave

Apr 20, 2016

What's trending?  My tween is at that age where he is sneaker obsessed.  His first dips in the fashion world is all about his feet, and the boys got expensive taste!  God help me!  HA.  I'm not talking footwear from Foot Locker, like regular kids. We're talking about shopping at boutique style sneaker lounges with exclusive kick designs, big price tags and ya-da-ya-da-ya-da!

So you see my little one is also in on this game?  Got to be just as cool as his big bro with their matching Lebron James XIII high tops.  But these boys can't have cooler footwear then their Mama, so it's inevitable that I also got a pair!  GUILTY.

Now you understand how we racked up a nice bill?  HA.  We dropped it like it was hot.  It was!  I don't know about the kids kicks and all that Lebron James hype, but my Nike's are TOP.  At least I think so!  The basket weave is trending this Spring/ Summer.  You see it popping up everywhere in the accessories world in bags, belts, shoes.  So you already know… I had to get my weave!

I like the side angle too, don't you?  They're known as the Nike Juvenate Woven Premium.  Available in three color ways.  My pick is obviously the coolest!  HA.  The all black are pretty cool too, but I only wear white sneakers. That's just personal preference and in this weave the three tone enhances the design more then the solid.  Perfect for summer, because they're inspired by the Roshe design and are light and airy.  No socks required.  Will you be getting a weave this Spring too?  Time to update your wardrobe!

I SPY: A Jerk

Apr 19, 2016

It's warm out, and you know what that means?  Brunching al fresco, breaking out the white's, and getting away.  I got Jamaica on my mind!  How about you?

Until I can get there Miss Lily's 7A will have to bridge the gap.  Check out how cute this colorful beach shack slash Jamaican record store interior is.  Filled with all different walks of lives giving you that island vibe. A simple get away in NYC.

I've never been to Jamaica so can't say how authentic the food is.  But it looks like the real deal and is very yummy, which is all that matters.  They've got a jerk chicken I wish I bought their marinade home to dip into, and grilled jerk spiced corn, crusted with toasted shredded coconut that is THE best.

Their servings are large so I couldn't order everything I wanted!  But look at their menu.  Those coconut pancakes, and the breakfast roti is what I'm going back for next!

You in?  The extra bonus for you liquid brunch boozers is the $15 prix fixe cocktails served with any entree.  One hour of unlimited bellini's, bloody Mary's or rum punch.  Yeah Man! (in my best Jamaican accent)…I see the excitement in some of your eyes!!! CHEERS.

P.S I should not forget to mention that they're also known for their fresh juice bar for you healthy advocates.  But the free flow of cocktails just sounded more appealing a minute ago!  *wink*

I SPY: Fringe Benefits

Apr 18, 2016

Who was at Coachella this weekend?  Not me!  It was hard to escape all the cool kids partying in the desert at the annual big music festival.  Instagram was flooded with everyones snaps.  I've always wanted to go, but I think Instagram has now ruined it for me.  Coachella has become way over hyped and too much of a scene in the past few years.  Too many celebrities and wannabes attending has spoilt the broth.  Well thats my take on it, and I'm slightly turned off.  Or am I just feeling too old and no longer fitting in this groove?  Possible.  Age is catching up with me!  HA.

Photo Credit: Jeff Thibodeau

However, even though the fashion is over the top, I do enjoy watching from a distance.  It brings out my inner hippie, because it is all about the fringe.  You know I love it.  To cash in on my fringe benefits I got these new pair of jeans over the weekend.

Feeling those festival vibes?  They're fun!  Especially cool when worn with heels or boots.  If you don't believe me, ask around…they are this seasons in thing.  TRUST.

I SPY: Damn Chrissy!

Apr 15, 2016

Where did that saying 'Damn Daniel!' come from?  I've got no clue, but you keep hearing it, and it has become my tween's favorite line.   ANNOYING.  Well to get him back I've been saying 'Damn Chrissy!' a lot lately.  With good reason!  The girl has been helping me bust out some amazing meals.  Look!!!

Pad Grapow Basil Chicken
Pineapple Grilled Short Ribs + Sweet & Salty Coconut Rice

Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe

Pork Stuffed Cucumber Soup
Cheesy Jalapeño Tuna Casserole with Potato Chip Topping 

So you think you can cook?  I don't claim myself no master chef.  My skills are in eating!  HA.  But I do feel confident serving these meals from Chrissy Teigen's cookbook CRAVINGS.

I mentioned this cookbook to you before in an old post when her book first came out.  Well, now it's tried and tested by me, personally, and I'm back to say the recipes are as good as they look.  Easy to follow, take under an hour to whip up, and makes everyone's belly happy, including the kids.  She's got me hooked.  You've got to try!

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