I SPY: You See Me Rollin'

Mar 29, 2016

Who love's to iron?  I hate it with a capital H.  Not that I don't know how to, because in Fashion school we spent many hours learning to press garments.  That's just it…I was traumatized after graduating from F.I.T and didn't want to touch another iron again!  I avoid it at all cost, standing by the dryer to remove the laundry when it is still warm, or hanging my clothes in the bathroom to steam while I shower.  But those tricks only work for lightly wrinkled items.

What do you do when you travel?  I usually unpack my suitcase and hang up everything in the hotel as soon as I arrive.  That usually catches the wrinkles before they get deep, so the garment can just be steamed out while the shower is running.  But on my trip to India we moved everyday to a new city and hotel.  There was no way I could unpack and re-pack my suitcase daily.  So I asked my best friend GOOGLE how to pack wrinkle free, and discovered this technique.  It worked!  My dress was picture perfect on Day 2 when I visited the Taj Mahal.

You know if I folded that silk chiffon long dress for 48 hours it would of been a wrinkled mess, right?  So this is how I did it.

Now you know!  Don't let your dry cleaning bags go to waste.  The plastic and rolling reduces the friction that causes wrinkles.  I swear by it, because I returned home on Day 6 in crisp white linen pants.  If anybody knows linen they are a B*TCH and can even wrinkle sitting down!  They were the true test after staying in my suitcase the whole trip rolled up, and came out looking freshly pressed.  It is a nifty trick.  Especially with wedding season coming up, and the quick weekend getaways where you land and immediately go from dropping your bags in the hotel room on to the party…this is your time saver for your next trip.  You can thank me later!  HA.

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