I SPY: Toilet Paper

Mar 10, 2016

What does everyone have in their home?  Toilet paper?  I sure hope so, otherwise run out now and go buy some! HA.  But other then using toilet paper in the bathroom, have you thought that it could be art?  This Scottish artist, Karla Black has proven me wrong!

Unique?  Her 800 square foot installation currently at the David Zwirner gallery is impressive in both creativity and size.  This abstract organic shape is filled with plaster powder, powder paint, eyeshadow, glitter, and earth, that creates dimension.  The perimeter is outlined by ruffles of dyed toilet paper, that creates a shape.  As you walk around it you feel a sense of movement from the different textures in the materials.

In addition to this massive floor installation there are other works of hers, that include traditional artist materials, such as chalk, paper, paint, mixed in with everyday items like ribbon, feathers and cotton wool.  Some of her pieces reminded me of the mixed media art projects my kids do in elementary school.  But obviously on a much more sophisticated level.  So simple, but well thought out.

The color palette she chose in earth tone hues, white, pink and copper glitter look rich.  My kind of colors.  Proof...I blended in!  HA.

The exhibition is on at David Zwirner till March 26, 2016.  It is worth the peek.  I'm thinking I should maybe go back and bring the kids, to be inspired by Karla Black!  After seeing this, I wish my kids would bring home more mono-tone art projects that would match my home decor.  I would totally be hanging more up if their works weren't all rainbow bright!  HA.

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