I SPY: Shut The Door

Mar 31, 2016

Knock, Knock!  Who's there?  DOORS.  Walls and floors say hello to the new obsession I'm adding to my list of #ihavethisthingwith...!  HA.  India has taught me to have a new appreciation for doors.  Check out these, plus their ornately painted and moulded doorway arches too.  Lets admire together!

Was welcomed to Jaipur known as the pink city by this sweet thing, at City Palace.  However, the set of four doors below were the real winners that blew my mind.

Isn't that Peacock archway and door just AMAZING?  It is called the Monsoon Gates.  Monsoon season is when Peacocks dance and flourish.  Peacocks are also India's national bird that you will find in a lot of local design details and art.

No other doors I saw were as special as the door candy found in City Palace, Jaipur.  However, at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur there were a handful of green doors that caught my eye.  More basic in design, but still pretty with a pop of color that ages well with time.

Pay attention the next time before you shut the door.  It was the number one design feature I fell in love with in India.  The detail of the arches and the grandeur of the doors gave instant curb appeal.  Hard to miss!

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