I SPY: The Real Deal

Mar 18, 2016

I've heard many people get sick traveling in India?  Worried?  Hell yeah I am!  I grew up on that side of the world, and know the common precautions, to not drink tap water, be careful with the street food, not eat raw uncooked food like salad, etc.  This is basic third world country problems.  However, I've been told India is extreme, and even eating at five star hotels and reputable restaurants you can still get sick.  This is not good news for this foodie lover.  But it could make a great diet!  HA.  Worst case scenario, if my belly can't handle their food then at least I've got an emergency stash of crackers and granola bars I'm packing to survive on.

So I've been recommended to start a course of probiotics prior to leaving which I've done.  CHECK.  Also to continue the probiotics throughout my trip.  As extra precaution I'm also bringing $200+ worth of stuff I picked up at the pharmacy: Pepto Bismal & charcoal pills for the runs. Cold and fever meds.  Bandaids & antiseptic.  Hand sanitizer.  Wet wipes.  Kleenex packs.  Bug spray.  Depends.  Yes, adult diapers in case we've got it bad, and can't jump out of the car because we're on the road stuck in traffic with cows blocking us!  HA.  Believe me I've thought of every possible scenario.  I think!

The extra hoot is the kids portable potty from potty training days will be tagging along with us.  If we've got time to be graceful then we may want to squat in a field over our potty on the side of the road!  HA.  Killing myself laughing here.  I mean...seriously, where am I going?!?  It can't be that bad can it?

This is the real deal!  Packed and ready to go.  I am bringing more supplies then clothes!  This is the first time I've been such a worry wart over traveling.  I never even packed this kind of stuff when my kids were babies, and we went to Africa!  But better safe then sorry.  Wish me luck in India guys.  I'm off for the week, and will be back after Easter to share my travel stories.  Follow my journey on Instagram to stay up to date.  I'll be there @ispycandyblog

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