I SPY: Feel The Burn

Mar 28, 2016

The burning question everyone's asked me since I returned from India is…did I get the Delhi belly?  Nope.  Luckily not depending on my Depend's!  HA.  As you know from my last post I was sooooo physically prepared to catch the runs.  I even mentally prepped myself to think what a great diet it would be to not eat for five days.  Well it turned out to be quite the opposite!

I ate loads.  But I did feel the burn.  On my tongue.  FIRE.  Truth be told I have a wimpy tolerance to spicy food!  Stayed clear of street food though, as hard as it was to resist.  But every hotel had a wide spread of Indian cuisine served from breakfast to dinner.  So I had my share of authentic Indian food.

Pao: Rice cakes served with a lentil stew, coriander, coconut, and tomato chutney dips

Chaat:A savory snack of potato filling, topped with pomegranates served on a crisp mini taco shell

Garlic Naan: Indian style bread

Masala Dosa:  Potato stuffed Indian crepe, served with samber, coconut & tomato chutney 

Puri Bhaji: Cumin flavored potato curry served with deep fried fluffy bread

Parantha: Fried Indian bread stuffed with potato served with yoghurt Raita & a pickled chutney

Thali: Indian bread accompanied by raita yoghurt, cumin rice, five lentils, palak spinach, corn and peas, ker sangri desert beans, masala aloo potatoes, gatte saag ground flour dumplings, jingha buttered chicken.

Have you had any of these dishes?  DELISH.  Besides the Garlic Naan, I've never had the pleasure of tasting any of these dishes before.  But now I know what to ask for the next time I go to an Indian restaurant!  The best was the Thali we had on our last night.  A tasting platter of ten different dishes.  The Garlic Naan at the Oberoi Hotel in Agra was the bomb too.  Best ever!  Light and fluffy.  Ahh…missing India!  Lots more to share this week about my trip.  Stay tuned.

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