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Mar 16, 2016

Guess what?  FINALLY got a new phone!  It is a big whoop.  I've been walking around since August with a very jacked up phone screen if you remember from a previous post.  Well since then it has dropped a few more times and got a little worst *ahem*.  Royally annoyed all my friends and family for over 6 months with that crazy screen!  But you know what?  It didn't bother me.  It still worked, once all the broken glass shards fell out it was smooth again, and I learned to read between the cracks.  Such talent I have!  HA.  I learned to deal with it.  Only till last week when a certain area of the phone screen didn't work when touched did it really fail me, and force me to go claim a new iPhone 6.  Here it is...My new baby!

With a new phone has to come a new case, right?  Goodbye to my Chiara Ferragni wink case, and hello to my Art Deco looking new case from Zero Gravity.  I'm going to be looking so flyyyy in India!  HA.

In addition to the new case I got extra protection.  A glass screen protector from Moshi.  This is the real gem.  This is my public service to tell ALL of you today to get you to go out and buy a glass screen protector.  It is super easy to stick on.  Comes with a suction cup to lift it and adjust it if you don't align it right the first time.  You can't even tell it is on.  Fits like a glove on top of your original iPhone screen, and you can still be stylin' with your regular phone case on the back.

The reviews all around are good.  My friend has tried and tested it, and can vouch that this gimmick has saved his iPhone a bunch of times.  It sure costs a heck less to spend another $40+ on a new screen protector if it cracks rather then a new iPhone.  And it sure looks way better then walking around like a goon with a bullet proof Otterbox around your phone.  No offense to anyone!  Just don't like the Otterbox bulk.  So keep it sleek, clean and safe with a glass screen protector.  Go!  Order it NOW.

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