I SPY: Emoji Power

Mar 7, 2016

When your phone dies it's a pretty SH*T thing ain't it?  Emoji powers to the rescue!  Check these out.  I got my piece of sh*t!  HA.  I admit they're pretty teeny bopper, and more appropriate for my son and friends.  But they make me laugh, and if anyone wants to judge go ahead, they're suppose to do just that...strike a conversation.  Nobody said I am proper!

Photo Credit: www.wattzuppower.com

The Siracha bottle for my big guy is on the way, since he is a fan of the cock sauce.

Photo Credit: www.wattzuppower.com

My lil' one is the fry or die guy, so it's not a surprise what he picked.

Photo Credit: www.wattzuppower.com

Which one will you get?  You can never have too many.  REALLY.  Will definitely be happy to have this piece of sh*t tag along with me on the road to India!  It's going to be a long haul and I will need all the extra power I can get.

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