I SPY: Down n' Dirty

Mar 14, 2016

Eat anything good over the weekend?  I did!  An oldie but a goodie…The Boil.  It's that time of year when crab boils and seafood galore starts.  This place just offers it year round, so no need to wait for the summer back yard crackers.  Having spent a lot of time in Texas I love my Crawfish, and had to order 1 lb of Crawfish + 1 1/2 lb of Dungeness Crab. 

Ready to dig in?  WAIT.  Besides that they also offer fresh and meaty Lobster and Shrimp in the boils.  How does it work?  You pick your seafood of choice or a combo, then you pick which sauce you want, and then you pick your level of spice.  The garlic butter is what I got, and do you see how much garlic is in my bag? Oh - em - gee it was heaven, even though you will be smelling like garlic for days!  HA.

The catfish slider appetizers are also a win.

An order of garlic bread to dip in the sauce is a must.  Since it is run by Vietnamese they understand our Asian necessities and it was a treat to be able to have a bowl of steamed white rice too.  Throw that garlic butter sauce over the rice, and you have a meal on it's own! 

If you enjoy getting down n' dirty this is a place for you.  Believe it or not they've been around for a few years and still have lines, and long wait times.  An hour is considered short!  Good thing is you can drop your name and there are plenty of places in their hood on the Lower East Side and in Soho that you can walk around and occupy yourself with, until you receive that much awaited text that your table is ready.  No reservations allowed.  Cash only.  If your really that impatient order take out that takes 20 minutes and eat at home or in the park!  Nom Nom.

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