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Mar 1, 2016

Who has been to India?  I need tips!  PLEASE.  I've been pouring over maps, travel blogs, and relying on Google to help me figure out the logistics.  My head is spinning in circles!

Tough life trying to play travel agent, huh?  There is just too much to see in so little time!  The 'Golden Triangle' that is Delhi - Agra - Jaipur is a definite.  That's the usual everyone does.  But when you have had this country on your bucket list forever, and you find a friend down to tag along, you have to take the opportunity and get out there and kill it.  Not in a basic way!  So I want to do what everyone does...plus more.

We've narrowed it down to the Rajasthan state, which is where the Golden Triangle cities are.  But can we possibly also hit up neighboring Jodhpur and Udaipur too?  My question is should we fly or drive?  Is there anything to see between the cities to break up a 5 hour drive?  Questions, questions, questions!

Ladies and Gents HELP!  We're ready for our bucket list adventure.  Got our plane tickets in and out of Dehli booked, our tourist visa granted, and my travel buddy has her wardrobe picked out!  HA.  We just need to firm up our itinerary to not loose a beat, and any advice from you would be much appreciated.  Team work guys.  DM me!

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