I SPY: Breaking In

Mar 15, 2016

Do you break in new pairs of shoes?  How?  I usually don't.  I typically wear them out for the day, with a box of band aids, let my feet suffer, and don't wear them again for a few days.  That's my kind of breaking in!  But I need tips.  I got these new pair of shoes to wear in India.  For now they're being worn as fancy house slippers!  HA.  I've been wearing them nightly around the house for the past few days, but they're still kind of tight in the front.  Any faster way to get them moulded to my feet so they don't cut in?  I need them to be comfy to walk India in ease, otherwise I'm reverting back to my old pair of sandals.  Don't let me!

Like these babies?  I think they're very me!  They've got an espadrille bottom, tapestry stitched top, and blue suede back and ties with pom poms at the end.  They're my favorite brand Aquazzura.  The two pairs of shoes you frequently see me wearing, other then sneakers, are also Aquazzura.  So I am a true fan!  They're pricey, but worth it because I wear mine to death, and honestly comfy once worn in.  I hope you'll get to see them a lot in India!  If they don't get broken into by then then definitely you'll be seeing lots of them this spring/ summer.  They're going to add a nice pop of color to my wardrobe.  So excited to say goodbye to socks very soon!  Spring is kinda sorta here.  Bring on the happy feet season!

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