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Mar 30, 2016

Do you enjoy people watching?  When I travel I do pay attention to the street life.  Through the way the locals act, dress and talk it gives me a sense of the cultures personality. It's also interesting to watch how their everyday lives are lead, and the struggles they face.  This photo was a drive by snap I took during rush hour traffic in India that depicts the everyday hustle.  Observe the chaos and you will see how life and ignorance in the Third World is so different to our Western World.  A family of four on a motorcycle, no helmets on kids…mega TABOO for us who know better.  A Tuk - Tuk rick shaw jammed packed with 8 to 10 people, and no seat belts also looks mighty dangerous.

Are you looking in astonishment?  Honestly though, in that moment life had the same energy and looked no different then a NYC over loaded subway train.  I swear that's how I feel on the 6 train during rush hour!  HA.  Not perfect, but also the kind of perfect where the wrong's don't matter.  It's what you call LIFE.  You do what you have to do.  I respect that.

As much as I wanted to walk the streets to capture street life footage in India I refrained from it for my safety.  I only captured a few shots from the car window.

Beyond the dirt and grime I was intrigued by a life full of color found in the local peoples expressions, textiles and flowers. 

Their faces exuberate their warmth, and wits.  My photos are amateur, but this book I discovered in a book store when there has amazing photography of the women of India.  Very colorful, pleasing to the eye, and shares my view.  It is available on Amazon, and makes a beautiful gift or addition to your coffee table book collection.

Yes India is a poor country.  Yes you see hardship.  Yes the streets aren't pretty.  But the richness lies behind the people, how you interpret it, and what you wish to take away with you.  I chose the positive.   Even though my photos are not exactly raw through filters and alterations I made behind the lens, this is how I subconsciously remember the country at it's best.  BEAUTIFUL.  Namaste India.

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