I SPY: Asking For A Friend

Mar 17, 2016

Have you heard about THINX underwear?  There are ads all over the NYC subways, it's hard to miss.  If you have no clue, let me fill you in!  They are period - proof panties that have a built in moisture wicking and absorbent protector to use in replacement of a pad or tampon when you have your period.  Some styles hold up to two tampons worth of blood.  What?  Dead serious!  HA.

Grossed out?  While I would not use them in replacement of using sanitary disposable products such as a tampon or pads, think about those days when your expecting your 'friend' to visit.  Accidents do happen!  I have had a few unexpected visits where my period has started mid day, been caught off guard and stained a good pair of panties.  Or even on the last days of your menstrual cycle when you think it's over, but it isn't really because your still having some irregular spotting.  These are typical situations where I can see Thinx coming in handy.  They could also act as an extra added protection even when using a tampon, for those with heavy flows.  Wearing white's would also no longer be off limits, because Thinx would give added reassurance, right?  After thinking about it, I have a much more open mind to it.  So I ordered the hiphuggers and the thong to try!  Ta - da.

They fit nicely, don't feel like diapers, and are machine washable.  Fabrication and weight feels similar to a bikini bottom.  They come in 6 different underwear styles that are available in either nude or black.  The nude panties have a black lining, so even if they do get soiled they won't get stained.  The area of built in protection in the underwear are just like where you would place a pad, starting at the low middle front, but protects all through the middle back up to the waistband.  This is better protection then a regular pad if your lying down sleeping, or sitting for a long time, like in a car or plane.

Has anybody tried them?  I'm asking for a friend!  *wink*  I'll be honest and admit I bought them for my trip to India when I'm expecting to be on heat!  I've got many hours sitting in a car, driving through the middle of no where without a bathroom in sight.  While I may be caught taking a leak on the side of the road, I rather not be changing my feminine products out in public!  HA.  So I seriously hope these Thinx panties will be my saviour!  Please God please!

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