I SPY: A Tease

Feb 22, 2016

Name the worst thing about returning from vacay? Going back to work is a given!  Other then that…I hate unpacking.  Don't you?  In our case all the summer clothes we packed for Morocco don't have much use now anyways, so I could just leave it till June!  HA.  But I won't.  I can't bear to see suitcases hanging around my living room.  After a few days it will eventually get on my nerves and motivate me to do what I dread.  Yes I know I'm anal!

Mind you, it turned out to not be that warm in Morocco after all.  I packed intending to wear shorts and dresses the whole trip, and to lounge by the pool.  Well that didn't happen!  I ended up wearing my Ali Baba harem pants almost everyday under everything to keep me warm.  Thank goodness the layered look is in!

Looks like I'm in New York?  I wasn't!  That was in the 'new city' of Marrakech.  We ventured out to the new part to visit for the day.  Modern and your usual urban findings.  Honestly nothing to rave about!

What you want to hear about is the old Medina area where we stayed and did most of our explorations. Now that you can't shut me up over!  It was full of charm, color, and so-o-o much eye candy.  MAGICAL.  Here's a tease of the top favorite photos liked on @ispycandyblog Instagram page.

I've got a novel to write about our trip.  It was absolutely FABULOUS and I hope it will inspire you to visit.  Hang tight for the detailed synopsis.  Your gonna love it!  I can't wait to share!!

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