I SPY: On The Roll

Feb 3, 2016

Isn't it amazing that people visiting from overseas know about things in your city you've never even heard of?  Yup, that just happened to me!  A friend visiting from Asia was gung-ho to try out the Yamuna classes when she was in town.  I was game, even though I'm not a big yogi, but always up to try something different.

The method is taught at Pure Yoga studios, where I attended a class.  First of all I need to express how beautiful the interior of this studio was!  WOW.  Very serene and zen.  It looked more like a spa to me.  My photos don't do it justice.  

The Yamuna method is a mix of traditional yoga, including the unique body rolling work on the Yamuna balls.  These balls are heaven to roll on.  They hit pressure points, release tension and lengthen muscles.  It's like treating yourself to a self massage.  It's truly AWESOME.

I loved the balls so much I bought two for home - the gold and the pearl.  I am on the roll to look and feel like Yamuna who is well into her sixties!  Doesn't she look amazing?  This is the true boss babe!

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  1. What was the class like in terms of sequencing besides the rolling on the balls part? Curious...


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