I SPY: The Crack Down

Feb 4, 2016

Feel like you have been eating unhealthy lately?  Me too!  January ended up being a whole cheat month.  Oh-em-gee!  I'm starting to feel the bloat, and the jeans are getting tighter, so it's time to crack down.  I'm going Vegetarian for the next few days.  I can live without meat for a few days.  But how about going on a Vegan diet?  That's beyond Vegetarian, that eliminates all animal by products too, so no eggs, diary, cheese, etc.  I have no clue how to cook without butter, so Vegan cooking ain't happening in my house!  But there are a few really good Vegan restaurants around the city.  Yesterday I was at my favorite one, Candle 79.

It's farm to table, all organic, gluten free, etc…uber healthy. Besides all that goodness, it actually tastes good.  Sometimes I feel vegan food lacks taste, or is overly powerful in flavor to cover up what's missing.  But Candle 79 has ace'd it.

Grilled Kale: string beans, lentil, squash, avocado, red onions, sunflower seeds, spelt berries, chive dressing

Angels Nachos: corn chips, mozzarella, chili beans, chipotle seitan, guacamole, salsa, tofu sour cream

If your a virgin to vegan food, I would highly recommend you start here.  Their food is not that foreign where it is all mashed up and you have no clue what your eating!  You know what your eating, and can see it chopped up in your dish, so nothing mysterious to be skeptical about.  Plus it is hearty so you won't feel like your eating rabbit food either!  I honestly enjoy it, and wish this place was closer to me.  If it was I would be eating vegan weekly.  By choice, not force!  HA.

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