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Feb 10, 2016

What do you do with your kids on a snow day?  We were forecasted to have snow this past Monday and Tuesday.  We did.  But turned out to be nothing epic.  However, after last Friday when school was cancelled and I was totally caught off guard with a empty fridge, because I didn't believe it was going to snow THAT much, I decided I better act on it with at least the basics - water, milk, loaf of bread, tuna, bag of chips, and some cookie dough mix.  I got my priorities straight!  *wink*

If you don't know me by now I kind of hate baking.  Too much measuring, mixing, and clean up.  However my lil' guy loves it!  So when we rode out NYC's record breaking blizzard a few weeks ago this was one of the cheap entertainments I had on standby to break out when the kids started climbing the walls.

It's cookie dough mix.  Already made, but unlike the already pre-cut squares you break off and place on the pan, this kind still takes a little prep work to get it in the oven.  With my kids short concentration span 15 minutes of greasing pan and rolling balls of cookie dough is good enough to get them to re-focus and calm down.  Of course it makes a lovely snack too.  Another thing thing we do way too much of on snow days…EAT out of boredom!  So remember for next time to put cookie dough on your snow day grocery list.

P.S.  This also makes a great unisex play date activity.  Can't tell you how many times either baking cookies, cupcakes or pizza has saved us.  My boys attract prissy little girls, what can I say!

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