I SPY: 2 in 1

Feb 9, 2016

Why am I getting hot flashes?  I'm too young for menopause!  Right?  HA.  I think my problem is that I'm over dressed in this unpredictable winter we New Yorkers have been experiencing this year.  One day can be a blizzard, the next day no jacket needed, or fifty shades of weather in one day.  Even more a challenge when you walk many blocks in the city, or have to go underground in the subway and start sweating bullets.  It's kind of annoying, because I have no idea how to dress when I leave the house in the AM.  But I rather have too much on that can be peeled off then not enough, since I am a big baby about the cold!

So how do I win?  I've started layering my outerwear.  Here's my favorite 2 in 1 picks from my closet…

1. Denim Jacket / Wool Vest

2. Technical Sports Windbreaker / Sweater Car Coat

3. Felt Bomber Jacket / Shearling Vest

Do you like this layered look?  If you do, the trick is mixing textures, and wearing one jacket that acts like a liner and the other one for warmth.  Over the twenty years I've lived in NY I do have quite THE collection of coats.  It's inevitable since we really do have four seasons, and basically live in our coats for half the year.  Which is why we end up getting super tired of looking at our outerwear after a while.  But by mixing and matching the jackets they provide a different look.  It's great because I feel like I have a new coat!  Go through your closet and see what you can layer.  You might suprise yourself!  

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