I SPY: Tropical Vibes

Jan 22, 2016

You ready for this much anticipated snow storm East Coasters?  NEVER.  How dare you disrupt my weekend winter storm Jonas?!?  We're expected to get hit with 5 to 8 inches.  That doesn't sound like a real threat!  We've had more.  Remember last year?  HA.  But the hype is on since this is our first real snowfall for this winter.  So embrace it, and make it a PJ lazy snow day.  Or if it's not that crippling and you need some tropical vibes to warm you up, head over to David Zwirner gallery.

Seen this already?  These two palm tree sculptures are made from rattan and steel.  They are life size, hand made in Mexico and designed by artist Yutaka Sone.  Hung on the exhibits walls are Sone's paintings created in his Los Angeles gardens.  They are all part of Sone's exhibit 'Day and Night'.

The rest of the Day and Night collection is acrylic paintings of different city landscapes, such as Hong Kong seen above.  Then an amazing marble scale model of Manhattan.  Look at that detail!  WOW.

David Zwirner gallery is always fun to visit.  They've always got cool exhibits going on.  The Day and Night exhibit is on till February 20, 2016.  I wonder whats next.  I will keep you posted!

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