I SPY: Taste The Rainbow

Jan 29, 2016

Let's talk about food, since it's Foodie Friday!  Do you love a good bagel?  I saw these on The Food Network, and had to rush out to Brooklyn to try the famous Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store.

How cool are these?  Not only are they unique and so fun to look at, but they also taste good.  The flavor is Vanilla, and tastes like cereal.  Interesting cream cheese flavors are offered, such as the Funfetti cream cheese I had.  But the Cotton Candy spread I heard is another popular one, for those of you with the sweet tooth.

Can't get to Brooklyn?  No worries they can come to you.  Available to order online.  Including the spreads.  Saves you the trip and standing in line for this new craze, and safer since they often sell out!  Orders shipped to you come vacuum packed with instructions how to freeze and defrost to keep them fresh. Custom orders creating any colors or flavors for your next party is also an option.  One of a kind handmade artistry your going to love.  You got to taste the rainbow!  

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