I SPY: A Sunday Stroll

Jan 11, 2016

When it's dreary out, do you cut a rain check?  I chose to be proactive yesterday in the wet weather.  Not to say that staying in bed all day would of been bad!  HA.  But I've got two kids, and there's no way they would've allowed me to be a lazy bum the whole day!  REALITY.  So decided to entertain them with a Sunday stroll through the Whitney Musuem.  Namely to see the Frank Stella exhibit.  Currently now on till February 7, 2016.

Love his work?  I do, especially after seeing a private collection of his at The Philip Johnson Glass House, shown in my post back in 2014.  Frank Stella's color stories, optical illusions and abstract expressionism speak to me.  Especially his brightly colored pieces that remind me of rainbows, and evoke happy feelings and stories.  Even my lil' guy caught on.  When asked what he saw, he said I see a door opened with bees flying at me.  You gotta love a child's imagination!

It's on for one more month.  Catch this extensive exhibit, and add some color and dimension to your life.  Make a day of it at the museum, because there is also a cafe, amazing book store, and plenty of other worthy exhibits, including an outdoor exhibit to view.  Go get lost in the world of art!

P.S. Going down...Even their elevator is cool!

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