I SPY: A Spa Day

Jan 13, 2016

What do you do for a girls day out?  We made it a spa day for four at Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa.  It turned out to be a fab deal because my thrifty friends got a special at Costco (of all places!) for Spa Finder certificates which is affiliated with this retreat.  To add to that bonus, one of our girls parents live in Duchess County and we got an additional 10% discount at check out for being long distance relatives!  Triple SCORE.

The 40 acres of land reminded me of an English countryside.  Even though it was chilly, it was pretty to take a stroll through, and catch water views.  Nothing extravagant, but for us city folks it felt like a peaceful escape from civilization.

Their spa has an indoor pool in a glass house with a steam room.  It's an automatic zone out area!  ZEN.  My deep tissue massage was much needed.  My only complaint was my 60 minute treatment was too short.  I was not ready to get off that table when my massage therapist woke me up!  Am I ever?  HA.

Their restaurant Henry's serves farm to table fare.  The food was overall good.  Their fried chicken is noted on their menu as award winning.  We expected too much though!  It was good fried chicken, crisp on the outside and moist inside.  But not THAT special or different then any other good fried chicken.  Their jalapeño corn bread that comes with their fried chicken was more of the foodies talk at our table.  That was YUM.  Lobster mac and cheese and duck wings would also be another re-order too.  Desserts were ok.  Tiramisu was the best.  The apple cider sorbet I would say pass on.  It reminded me of apple sauce baby food!

If we ever get a good deal like this again I would totally be up to going back.  Nothing pretentious or fancy, just a pleasant place to catch some R&R and hang out for the day.  Or even over night, since they have eight cute cottages you can book.  For us New Yorkers it makes an easy Hudson Valley getaway….and really affordable too if you grab that Costco deal!  HA.

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