I SPY: A Slam Dunk

Jan 25, 2016

Hey NY-er's, how did you survive the Saturday, January 23, 2016 blizzard?  It turned out to be EPIC, double what was originally predicted, and is going down in history's Top Five snowstorms in NYC.  We got 26.8 inches of snow, ranking as the 2nd largest, falling a little shy of February 2006 - 26.9 inches who holds 1st place in history's hall of fame.  This past weekends Snowmageddon will be a memory to add to my list of historic winter storms in NYC.  I've survived three of the Top Five largest storms: 2006, 2010, 2016.  Let's also give an honorable mention to the 1996 blizzard which just got kicked off the Top Five list, because that remains the #1 blizzard in my mind.  It was the year I moved to NYC and had to figure out how to deal with this white stuff called...SNOW.

The city was covered with a blanket of snow on Saturday.  3 inches of fresh powder falling per hour.  A travel ban was imposed.  Streets were empty.  People were cross country skiing in the street.  It was gorgeous.  Peaceful.  Surreal.  We had fun!

So for all of us (including myself) who've said we're having a mild winter this year, well that just changed in one day, eh?  Jonas was out to prove us wrong!  The whole winter seasons snowfall slam dunked in one go.  HA.  One not to forget!


  1. Wow blizzard to say the least! I Thanks for sharing, it brought me back to my college days in Boston when I (happily) couldn't leave my apartment because of the snow storms and had to stay in "forced" to watch "All My Children" (my fav soap those days lol.) xx

    1. Lol…I use to be hooked on that too! The good ole' days when we didn't have a worry in the world!


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