I SPY: No Days Off

Jan 20, 2016

What motivates you to work out?  Definitely not this frigid weather thats a long shot from bikini season!  But the gym fashion is pretty cute these days, eh?  HA.  My Forever 21 bra top does make me feel kick ass!  But not enough to get my butt out the door to a gym or class.  On those days Sworkit comes to the rescue.

Heard of this new app?  It's the new buzz.  Nothing seriously heavy duty, but a lot of core work thats so good for you.  Best of all it's convenient and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  You can tailor it to your needs from four different categories: strength, cardio, yoga to stretching.  All exercises require no extra equipment, and you use your body weight for the most part.  So expect to do a lot of plank, sit ups, and push ups in your routines.  Each exercise is 30 seconds long and you can custom tailor your workout to be anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.  Then at the end of the workout they tell you how many calories were burned.  Yes I need to up my game!  But a START to build on.

I've been doing it for the last week.  HOORAY for me!  That is quite an accomplishment for this girl who is so not a gym rat.  I did 10 minutes of Sworkit at home last week on the days when I didn't go to the gym.  Now I've decided to up my Sworkit time by 5 minutes every week, and continue to do NO days off for the next month.  I'll keep to my SLT & Soulcycle classes I do weekly, and then fill in on my absent gym days with Sworkit.  I'm curious to see what happens.  Maybe my baby muscles will finally grow, and I'll have a booty to the sky?  HA.  If nothing changes, it for sure will definitely help maintain my weight, because yeah you know this girl LOVES to eat!  Can't eat clean, but can Sworkit to be healthier in other ways.  Get in on the app too! Bikini season will creep up on us again.    Eventually!

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