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Jan 5, 2016

What's the best present you've given or received?  My Christmas 2015 was focused on gifting friends and family memories, rather then material items.  One of the best experiences I had with my boys and also gave as a gift to my sister and her family was our indoor skydiving experience in Texas at iFly.

Looks cool?  It was sooooo AWESOME.  Best high ever!  The pictures don't show how fun it really is.  Video would be better.  But unfortunately my blog platform doesn't allow me to post videos.  However, it's 90 seconds of flying time in the air chamber.  First we each flew no more then 6ft off the ground, just to get acclimated with the air mass, flying and feeling the correct body position.  Then for the second round which we each paid about $10 more, we got to fly again for 90 seconds, but this time all the way to the top of the air chamber which is about three stories high.  It's not scary.  The fact that your flying up, before coming down I think psychologically makes this less of a heart attack.  I don't think I would've done it had they asked me to jump off from the top!  You fly with the instructor holding on to you the whole time so always feel safe.  I didn't struggle staying in that plank position.  Just remember suck your abs in and push force out of your feet to keep straight.  The thing I had to get use to was the amount of cold air blowing in my face and hitting my body.  It's obviously a huge force of air that's holding you up, so try not to laugh or scream, because you don't want to open your mouth otherwise your saliva starts flying everywhere!  HA.

I loved the experience because I'm an adrenaline junkie.  But my sister who is the total opposite also had fun and can now say she did it.  I am very proud of her that she didn't wimp out!  Believe me, If she can do it, anyone can!  HA.  My boys and I left saying we can't wait to go again.  We thought that this would be our annual activity every year we spend X'mas in Texas.  But just found out that we have an iFly by us too in NY!  So now you know where my kids will be wanting to have their next birthday parties!  They also have gift vouchers to gift which are especially great if you have a pre-teen in the house like me and find it impossible to shop for his group of friends these days.  So rather then the typical Apple or Amazon gift card we usually give, they will probably all get iFly gift cards this year for their birthdays!  Yes I love it that much and want everybody to try.  Look them up.  They're all over the USA.  Definitely an experience to never forget.

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