I SPY: Fashion Unleashed

Jan 26, 2016

What did you do during winter storm Jonas?  After a morning of non stop eating, hot chocolate, Netflix, and snowball fights, boredom settled in after lunch in my house.  Before my kids could start pulling each others hair out, I enticed them to catch the train to Discovery Times Square to check out The Star Wars and The Power Of Costume Exhibit.  Just in the knick of time we escaped before the city closed down and the travel ban kicked in.  We got out!  Pain FREE.  The force was with us!

Over 70 costumes from the past six movies were on display.  Every major character was presented, along with the correlation between character and hand crafted costumes.  The fashion was unleashed and on fleek!

It was impressive to see how much thought and effort went into each design.  The draping was phenomenal, fabrics were luxe, and by far Padme Amidala had the best wardrobe.  It looked couture and current.  I would totally wear some of her costumes!  Wouldn't you?

If your a Star Wars fan or a Fashion fan this exhibit is for you.  My boys are Star Wars geeks so they were happy to see all the characters, and weapons, however had zero interest in the Fashion.  But, I was totally awakened by the Fashion!  So it turned out to be a good balance for the kids and I.  Happy kids, happy Mama!  TIE between me and the troopers.

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