I SPY: Dreaming & Scheming

Jan 15, 2016

So remember my Chile plans got canned because all flights to Easter Island are sold out?  Well I've got a new destination in the works.  Or rather, several!

Have you seen these Wallpaper City Guides before?  They're on par with Luxe guides if you are familiar with those.  I was drawn to these guides for their Pantone paint chip multi colored covers.  Such yummy colors I couldn't resist!  But they're also handy little guide books that give just enough information and pictures to inspire and inform you about the best in town.  From hotels, restaurants, shopping, sights, to near by escapes.  Nothing in depth though.  Go grab a history book if you need to be a nerd about it!

I'll be busy this weekend reading my new treasures by the fireplace, dreaming and scheming!  What are you up to this weekend?  Enjoy…especially if you have Monday off like I do for Martin Luther King day!  YIPPEE.

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