I SPY: The Best Of Both

Jan 4, 2016

Happy 2016 blog fam!  How was your holiday?  This was mine in a nut shell.  I had the best of both worlds!  Texas and Colorado.

What the snap did not capture from the roll was our 80+ farenheit X'mas in Texas.  We were swimming and wearing shorts the whole week.  Up until the last day…at lunch I was in a sundress and flip flops, and walked out for dinner in a fur coat and Uggs!  That's Texas weather for you.  CRAZY.

Rang in the New Year in Vail, Colorado.  It was good snow, but super cold, even though it didn't stop the fun.  Just racked up a large bill on hand and toe warmers!  My savior.  The town is your typical upscale ski resort, catered to families, with the usual apres ski activities such as tubing, snow mobiles, dog sledding and ice skating.  Enough stuff to keep you busy if you aren't a skier.  It's a walking town, set up like a Swiss village which was cute, and even though I didn't shop, I can tell you there was plenty to empty your wallet on if your in that mood!  * wink*  The thing that still fascinates me till now is their sidewalks are clear because they're heated.  Such a pleasure to walk the dog there with no salt thrown on the ground.  Why is NYC not that fancy?  HA.

If your expecting a travel log from me for Vail…STOP!  Sorry but my Sister planned the trip, so I wasn't really paying attention.  Keeping up with my energetic family and making memories was my focus.  We were so exhausted from the daily back to back activities we ended up eating room service most nights.  So can't even drop restaurant names, except one - The Swiss Chalet Restaurant.  The decor is super cute, filled with Swiss rustic charm.  They're mainly a Fondue and Raclette house, which was right up my alley, and a treat since we only eat this alpine cuisine in Switzerland.  It was authentic and reminded me so much of our ski days in St Moritz, Switzerland.  If you like that cuisine it's a MUST when in Vail.

Don't be turned off from Vail because of my lack to share.  It's scenic and I do recommend it for families.  I really do!  HA.  I'll go back another time and give you an in depth synopsis, ok?  Or what about in Summer?  I would love to do that one day.  That would be a totally different perspective then.  All the locals rave so highly of their beautiful summers.  I'm sure it is awesome, because their winters are already magical.  Something more unique to add to the pot.  It's a plan for summer…one day!  PROMISE.

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