I SPY: Taste The Rainbow

Jan 29, 2016

Let's talk about food, since it's Foodie Friday!  Do you love a good bagel?  I saw these on The Food Network, and had to rush out to Brooklyn to try the famous Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store.

How cool are these?  Not only are they unique and so fun to look at, but they also taste good.  The flavor is Vanilla, and tastes like cereal.  Interesting cream cheese flavors are offered, such as the Funfetti cream cheese I had.  But the Cotton Candy spread I heard is another popular one, for those of you with the sweet tooth.

Can't get to Brooklyn?  No worries they can come to you.  Available to order online.  Including the spreads.  Saves you the trip and standing in line for this new craze, and safer since they often sell out!  Orders shipped to you come vacuum packed with instructions how to freeze and defrost to keep them fresh. Custom orders creating any colors or flavors for your next party is also an option.  One of a kind handmade artistry your going to love.  You got to taste the rainbow!  

I SPY: Loft Living

Jan 28, 2016

What is your dream home?  In the 20 years I have lived in New York I have always fantasized about having an amazing loft down in Soho, with original moldings, high ceilings, windows bigger then the door, and an interior on point.  Well I found it, and I don't even need to own it.  I can visit whenever I want!

Welcome to The Line.  This is the ultimate loft living set up that you could immediately move into.  Sorry, the apartment is not for sale though, only the items!  The loft features a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a walk in closet.  Check out this decor.  Ahhh!

Isn't it such a gorgeous space?  Everything in this loft is for sale.  The merchandising of accessories, art and furniture is all right up my alley.  A great mix of modern, vintage and mid century pieces.  Truly LOVE everything.  Really!  Many, many things to splurge on, for yourself, or gifts, and a great place for design inspiration.  Check it out, and dream away!

I SPY: That's Amore

Jan 27, 2016

What's that song?  When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool…that's AMORE!  Geez Dean Martin was in my head all day yesterday.  All day!  Thanks to Sant Ambroeus for that.  Had lunch there yesterday in Soho with the crew.  An oldie but a goodie.

Talk about wall inspiration, right?  LOVE.  They have various locations all over the city.  The Soho location is my regular go to.  Between the floors, that wall of plates, and the pasta, you can't really go wrong.

Rigatoni Pomodoro

Linguine cacio e' pepe
Trofie with lamb ragu

YUM?  Good classic pasta dishes.  The newbie on the menu I just tried is their Black squid ink spaghetti carbonara with braised leeks, pancetta, and a poached egg.  It's not your usual carbonara.  Not creamy and heavy.  Oh-em-gee that oozing egg yolk is what got me.  It was so delicious.  You must try!

Black squid ink spaghetti carbonara

Hell yeah, we overdosed on pasta yesterday!  But we've worked hard since the blizzard shoveling ourselves out of 2 feet of snow, climbing over mountains of snow and jumping slushy puddles.  It's been a workout the past few days just to cross the streets of NYC.  So I deserved this carb overload!  Sometimes your body needs some lovin', right?  HA.  It's winter, go for it!

I SPY: Fashion Unleashed

Jan 26, 2016

What did you do during winter storm Jonas?  After a morning of non stop eating, hot chocolate, Netflix, and snowball fights, boredom settled in after lunch in my house.  Before my kids could start pulling each others hair out, I enticed them to catch the train to Discovery Times Square to check out The Star Wars and The Power Of Costume Exhibit.  Just in the knick of time we escaped before the city closed down and the travel ban kicked in.  We got out!  Pain FREE.  The force was with us!

Over 70 costumes from the past six movies were on display.  Every major character was presented, along with the correlation between character and hand crafted costumes.  The fashion was unleashed and on fleek!

It was impressive to see how much thought and effort went into each design.  The draping was phenomenal, fabrics were luxe, and by far Padme Amidala had the best wardrobe.  It looked couture and current.  I would totally wear some of her costumes!  Wouldn't you?

If your a Star Wars fan or a Fashion fan this exhibit is for you.  My boys are Star Wars geeks so they were happy to see all the characters, and weapons, however had zero interest in the Fashion.  But, I was totally awakened by the Fashion!  So it turned out to be a good balance for the kids and I.  Happy kids, happy Mama!  TIE between me and the troopers.

I SPY: A Slam Dunk

Jan 25, 2016

Hey NY-er's, how did you survive the Saturday, January 23, 2016 blizzard?  It turned out to be EPIC, double what was originally predicted, and is going down in history's Top Five snowstorms in NYC.  We got 26.8 inches of snow, ranking as the 2nd largest, falling a little shy of February 2006 - 26.9 inches who holds 1st place in history's hall of fame.  This past weekends Snowmageddon will be a memory to add to my list of historic winter storms in NYC.  I've survived three of the Top Five largest storms: 2006, 2010, 2016.  Let's also give an honorable mention to the 1996 blizzard which just got kicked off the Top Five list, because that remains the #1 blizzard in my mind.  It was the year I moved to NYC and had to figure out how to deal with this white stuff called...SNOW.

The city was covered with a blanket of snow on Saturday.  3 inches of fresh powder falling per hour.  A travel ban was imposed.  Streets were empty.  People were cross country skiing in the street.  It was gorgeous.  Peaceful.  Surreal.  We had fun!

So for all of us (including myself) who've said we're having a mild winter this year, well that just changed in one day, eh?  Jonas was out to prove us wrong!  The whole winter seasons snowfall slam dunked in one go.  HA.  One not to forget!

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