I SPY: The Ugly Continues

Dec 16, 2015

Are you into the ugly Christmas sweater hype?  I made my own last year for fun, but the folks in Texas didn't think it was UGLY enough!  Back to the drawing board again this year, with more tacky baubles to add on.  You'll have to wait and see the 2015 version!  HA.

But how about this…an ugly Christmas tie?  My son has his school concert tonight.  The dress code requires a tie.  I'm useless in that department!  So to save me the headaches of watching YouTube tutorials on how to knot a tie, I found him a strap on tie.  YIKES.  Super tacky I know.  But a cool one!  A lil' tongue and cheek.  The ugly continues!

What do you think his band teacher will think?  Hope he gets the humor!  If not, at least I'll be having a constant smirk on my face when I see my kid on stage later.  HA.

Found it at Claire's for $7.50.  Pretty jazzy, eh?  I thought I was on to a new trend, but I really ain't.  Actually I'm late to the game.  Little did I know that they sell DIY ugly Christmas tie kits.  Watch out all the men in my life... this is your gift next year!  Dead SERIOUS.

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