I SPY: Purging Love

Dec 4, 2015

Remember last years post we celebrated 12 days of Christmas, and my kids got spoilt rotten?  Well this year we're changing things up, and adding a new twist.  It can't always be about them!  Instead of receiving, we will be giving and will donate a different item each day to 12 different local donation centers.

Good idea?  We're going to start purging this weekend!  I can't wait to hand off Tickle Me Elmo and all the other giant baby toys.  Plus, I think I can secretly get away with throwing out a box of random lego pieces, that won't be noticed as gone *wink*.  HA.  Not just the kids to blame, but my closet situation ain't any better!  Plus our pantry needs to be cleaned out of all the canned goods and non perishable items we stock up on from false winter storm and hurricane warnings.  We never touch that stuff, and it's just going to waste.  So I think this is a great way to purge, but still share the love with others who really need it and can appreciate it.

This is our line up:

1. BIKES www.recycleabicycle.org
2. BOOKS www.nrpl.org
3. ADULT CLOTHES www.goodwill.org
4. CHILDREN'S CLOTHES www.babybuggy.org
5. COATS www.onewarmcoat.org
6. CELL PHONES www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com
7. DVDS www.housingworks.org
8. FOOD www.foodbankforwestchester.org
9. FURNITURE www.furnituresharehouse.org
10. PET SUPPLIES www.humanesocietyofwestchester.org
11. STUFF ANIMALS www.donationtown.org
12. TOYS www.bbbsdonate.org

Join us on our quest to purging love!  If we are successful I hope to continue this annually.  Why wait for Spring cleaning?  Clean the clutter, make someone else's wishes come true for the holidays, and start 2016 fresh.  There's no better time then now to do this.  Get into the spirit of giving everyone!

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