I SPY: A Punch List

Dec 15, 2015

Who do you want to punch in the face?  Anyone, anyone?  HA.  Donald Trump definitely is top of my list.  Then add all the people who support him.  Scary he actually has legit voters routing for him.  They must also be Kim Kardashian fans too.  What a joke!  UGH.  I can't.  Don't get me started before I throw a punch!  However, venting in a notebook would be safer to get a lot off my chest….and I found the perfect one.

How funny is this?  Keep track of your punch list now with this notebook from Whitney Museum.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Great stocking stuffer, conversation piece, and cracks me up every time I see it.  Checking off a few people on my list with this gift.  Hopefully I'm not on their punch list!  Or am I?  HA.

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