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Dec 2, 2015

Going away somewhere warm soon?  If you are here is some fashion inspiration for a beach destination.  This is what I wore in Mexico, and here I caught myself looking a little out of place amongst the tourist at Chichen Itza!

Yes I know I am over dressed on most occasions!  But it's better to be over dressed then under dressed, no?  Not everyday I visit the Mayan Gods!  HA.  Unless your actively doing something strenuous, like hiking, where you going to sweat buckets, then I don't really understand why you must wear workout clothes.  To be comfortable?  I'm very comfortable in my dresses, much more then I would be in jeans, shorts, or tight gym clothes.  At least my legs can breathe in a dress!

But that's not for everyone right?  But for those of you who want in on my secret…my rule of thumb in my daily life and on vacation is wake up, get dressed and stay dressed!  I got no time to be changing multiple times.  Besides maybe doing a shoe swap from flats to heels, or when on vacation changing for the beach or pool.  Otherwise the way my life goes from dropping kids off at school, heading into city for meetings or work, possibly grabbing drinks or dinner after...I need to be ready and transitional from A-Z through out the whole day.  That is how I've trained myself to dress, to save me a lot of time, and now when I travel I pack light.

These were my looks for 5 days in Mexico that you saw me prancing around in on Instagram @ispycandyblog.  Some of the things shown on the grid are unfortunately old pieces in my closet.  But I've highlighted the newbies in a link below each photo that are purchasable now.

Dress made by Free People

Swim Cover made by Tommy Bahama & Bikini made by L'Agent Provacateur

Dress made by Ale by Alessandra

Dress made by Ale by Alessandra

Dress made by T Bags Los Angeles
Bikini made by Pacific and Driftwood
Dress made by Silence + Noise
Some extra tips to add...Wear a denim jacket instead of a cardigan or shawl.  Will make you look not so basic!  It adds a lil' edge to your look besides keeping you warm on those windy nights. Also a swimsuit cover up could be the dress you wore last night.  Ever thought of that?  Yeah, why not be glam!  Lastly…flip flops, I love my Haviana's, but I'm over it!  I just wear my sandals to the beach now.  Feet can use some bling too!  If all fails remember jewelry can make the basic white t-shirt or black maxi dress have pizazz. So pile on the gold, beads and bangles.  That christmas tree layered look is so in right now!  Go for it.

P.S. If anyone is loving my rug more then the outfits you can find it here.  HA.

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