I SPY: A Jetsetter Tree

Dec 1, 2015

It's December 1st, do you already have your holiday decorations up?  We just put up our driftwood tree!  We're LIT.

Do you remember it from last years post?  It's our jetsetter tree.  The theme is ornaments from around the world, from places we've visited, and a few stragglers of things that interest us.  Such as *ahem* Star Wars ornaments!  Got to let the kids have a little fun.  However only at the back of the tree though!  Save me the eye sore.  HA.

Our tree tells the story of our travels.  This year we've added the ornaments we've collected from the three foreign destinations we visited in 2015: Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

These ornaments aren't the most beautiful and may seem cheesy to you.  But they mean a lot to me, and act as a small token of some of our best memories.  Travel is what I do, and will continue to do, so I hope to eventually fill this tree full of ornaments collected from around the world.  That's my GOAL.

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